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Customizable Ajax Popups for Login, Register, Forgot Password and Logout.

StranoWeb Ajax Login replaces the default WordPress login, register and lost password forms with beautiful ajax modal popups.
It’s fully customizable, responsive, includes several social logins and allows you to disable new user registration or restrict WordPress admin dashboard to certain user roles.

These are the main features:

- Ajax  login, register and lost password modal popup (same functions are working even on non-popup mode);
- Fully customizable login, register, lost password and logout popups and pages;
- Different popup layouts with image and text over image option (2 on free version, 6 on Premium);
- Custom Logo on the forms (Premium);
- Optional custom css setting;
- Social logins (facebook, twitter, google, linkedin and more to come) with several icon styles and position displacement (Only twitter on free version);
- Logged in Menu item: Once logged in the plugin adds a menu item to the selected menu with optional user thumbnail and additional submenu Thumbnail style, menu item text and submenu are fully customizable;
- Customizable redirects and permalink;
- Option to redirect not logged-in users to login page (Premium version only);
- Wordpress admin dashboard access restriction to users with specific roles (Premium version only);
- Password length, you can choose the minimum length required;
- Optional reCAPTCHA v2 and reCAPTCHA v3 for new user registration form;
- New user registration can be disabled via plugin (Premium only);
- Enabled the use of shortcodes of form text;
- Styled Forgot password email;
- Shortcodes to use it on your pages or posts;
- Hooks to help developers to integrate additional functions;

All this in one plugin.


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    • WordPress
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